spring 2017 bible studies

This Spring semester Christian Students on Campus will have three large Bible studies. The Tu and Wed afternoon Bible studies are small group and presentation format and the syllabus is below. The topic is Life and Building. The Tuesday night Bible study is a lecture format and the topic will be introduced each night.

When and Where:

Tuesday: 5-6 pm, UTC 3.134, map
Tuesday: 9-10 pm, UNB 2.102, map
Wednesday: 4-5 pm, CBA 4.324, map

  1. The Bible—A Book on Life and Building (1)
  2. The Bible—A Book on Life and Building (2)
  3. What is Life?
  4. God’s Full Salvation in Life
  5. Three Lives and Four Laws
  6. The Sense of Life
  7. What is Building?
  8. The Two Aspects of the Church
  9. Knowing the Oneness of the Church
  10. Knowing the Fellowship of the Church
  11. The Overflow of Life
  12. The Five “Ups” in Ezra—Stirred up, Go up, Bring up, Build up
  13. Fruit-bearing and Shepherding
  14. Prophesying for the Building Up the Church

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