Fall 2017 Bible Study 2018-01-10T10:16:09+00:00

In the Fall 2017 Bible studies, Christian Students on Campus covered Knowing and Experiencing God. Here are the outlines for each week.

Knowing and Experiencing God

  1. The Knowability of God (1)
  2. The Knowability of God (2)
  3. The Person of God
  4. The Attributes of God
  5. The Economy of God
  6. The Son of God—His Aromatic Virtues (1)
  7. The Son of God—His Aromatic Virtues (2)
  8. The Spirit of God
  9. The Gospel of God (1)
  10. The Gospel of God (2)
  11. Experiencing God for our Growth in Life
  12. Experiencing God for the Church
  13. Conclusion and Overflow